Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New home for the guestbook!

Hello Bronte fans. In an effort to update the style and functionality of my guestbook, I'm moving it here. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about the Brontes or my website ( are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Just watched a new PBS production of Jane Eyre. What a story. Suspense, love, adventure--amazing that these sisters were recognized as authors so long ago. Hooray! Thanks for the website.
I live in Lakewood, Colorado, USA.

Anonymous said...

First, I want to say that your site is one of the best I have encountered on the Brontes. Thank you so very much for it.

I am 70 years old and have no particular reason to be researching the Brontes except that my enjoyment of their works has never flagged in all the years of my lifetime. Each new rereading of their works is always a fresh new experience as I am never the same person upon each rereading. There is always some new insight to be gained.

Thanks again!